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Wildfire and Your Property

Fire resistant landscaping at Hitt Rd house constructed by Integrity Building in 2020.

Living in Southern Oregon has changed a bit since I moved here 21 years ago. Cycles come and go for sure, but let’s face it, we’ve been in a drought for a long while now, and the regional population density has certainly increased. We’ve got a perfect recipe for homes to be destroyed by catastrophic […]

What’s Going On With These Lumber Prices?


Just like all the other good news in the world that we currently get bombarded with, a reoccurring story on the sidebar is the exorbitant and runaway cost of lumber prices. Colleagues are talking about it at the lumber yards and happy hours, and clients are asking me what’s the deal. Should they hold off […]

Costa Rica Steel and Concrete

Concrete and steel construction. Nosara Costa Rica. Integrity Building Contractors 2021.

Being a custom home builder in Southern Oregon, which takes a lot of focus during projects, I continually look forward to breaks in the action. As a lover of global travel, and doing as much as absolutely possible, I think about methods and materials used in the building process in other cultures when I’m on […]