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Integrity Building Contractors leads the field in high performance, sustainable, and healthy residential and commercial design and construction. For over 25 years our projects have been created with the least possible impact to our environment, whether that be the project site, the global sense of environment, or the indoor spaces in which we work and play. From thoughtful sight development and building design to low impacting healthy product choices and minimal waste, we create dreams that you can feel great about. We understand that what we do today has short and long term consequences to our immediate global and personal health and for the generations coming behind us. Our projects perform above others for quick return on investment and for future resale. Projects are Energy Trust of Oregon and Earth Advantage certified. We build this way because we care.

Integrity Building Contractors does perform fire rebuilds whether it is due to a wildfire or structural fire. If you have had a loss due to fire, we can assess your situation and help.

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