At the heart of sustainability is renovation. With the population density of today and cost of expansion, to the comfort of schools and neighborhoods, renovation is the answer for many, and Integrity Building loves the challenge of making alterations a process of pride and fulfillment. Upgrades to your dream are now, more than ever, sensible and affordable. Green building renovation practices of today are extremely efficient, affordable, and save you money. From lowering your utilities each month, tax incentives and rebates, to the continuing reduction in the up front cost for sensible choices.

Changing floor plans, improving indoor air and light, using low VOC materials, energy audits, and mechanical smart-energy upgrades, can make a home feel fresh, perform cost efficient, and give you a satisfying place to come home to.

Any renovation large to small can be a disruption to your life. Integrity Building Contractors understands and delivers with timely renovations and clean courteous service. We want you to get back to living the way you want, only improved!