Sustainability begins with a team approach.

Integrity Building Contractors leads the field in high performance, sustainable, and healthy residential and commercial design and construction. For over 20 years our projects have been created with the least possible impact to our environment, whether that be the project site, the global sense of environment, or the indoor spaces in which we work and play. From thoughtful sight development and building design to low impacting healthy product choices and minimal waste, we create dreams that you can feel great about. We understand that what we do today has short and long term consequences to our immediate global and personal health and for the generations coming behind us. Our projects perform above others for quick returns on investment and in future resale. Projects are Energy Trust of Oregon and Earth Advantage certified. We build this way because we care.


Craftsmanship begins with a clear understanding of the time-honored traditions of detail and experience. Fine craftsmanship should be noticed by the casual passerby and admired by the owner and guests each time the work is gazed upon, and provide feelings of warmth and pride for decades to come. Craftsmanship along with quality are driving elements to all those connected with the Integrity Building Contractors team.


At the heart of sustainability is renovation. With the population density of today and cost of expansion, to the comfort of schools and neighborhoods, renovation is the answer for many, and Integrity Building loves the challenge of making alterations a process of pride and fulfillment. Upgrades to your dream are now, more than ever, sensible and affordable. Green building renovation practices of today are extremely efficient, affordable, and save you money. From lowering your utilities each month, tax incentives and rebates, to the continuing reduction in the up front cost for sensible choices. Changing floor plans, improving indoor air and light, using low VOC materials, energy audits, and mechanical smart-energy upgrades, can make a home feel fresh, perform cost efficient, and give you a satisfying place to come home to.

Green Building

Sustainability begins with a team approach. Green Building today requires efforts at all phases of the building process. Integrity Building Contractors brings the newest, smartest, and sometimes oldest of the sustainable building world. From Sensible Design, Energy Loss & Gain, Water Conservation, Reduced Carbon, and Your Comfort we can help you live the way you want to live. From the leading edge of Energy Star, EPA WaterSense, U.S. Green Building Council, Earth Advantage and many other green building organizations and certifications, Integrity Building Contractors continues to further its knowledge on sustainable issues and building practices. We believe in an integrated approach.